11 Cool Ideas for Displaying Your Family Photos

We all love to be reminded of those precious memories of our lives that we were lucky enough to capture on camera. That’s why we proudly display our family photos around the home.

There’s a lot of artistry involved in taking the perfect family photo, but you don’t have to end it there. You can also creatively display your photos around the home in ways that can enhance their appearance and overall effect.

Here are 11 ideas for displaying your family photos that are sure to inspire you:

1. Place old photos inside clear, antique bottles

This adds a rustic look to those old black and white photos of your ancestors.

2. Clothespin photos on hanging Christmas lights

Give it a holiday spin—your friends will be impressed by your creativity, and it will invite more dialogue about the photos themselves.

3. Make a photo wreath

Take your individual, unframed photos, and arrange them into the shape of a wreath. This is a great way to feature a group of photos that center on a single theme or life event.

4. Arrange many photos into a large square or rectangle

Make use of the space on your wall. Take 9 or even 25 photos and arrange them into a square or rectangle. The creativity comes from your photo selection, and how they combine to create a striking effect.

5. Make a photo clothesline

Connect a length of string across your wall, and then pin photos on them like you’re hanging them out to dry.

6. Place many separate photos within a single, large frame

This is a great way to bring a bunch of photos that relate well with each other, and placing them within a single context. Your guests will be fascinated with your selection, and they’ll likely ask you about why you chose to put those specific photos together.

7. Frame your negatives

Still using a traditional film camera? Add a striking visual to any room by framing a few rows of negatives.

8. Arrange your kids’ photos vertically, younger photos at the bottom

Show your children’s growth in a fun way. Put their baby pictures closer to the floor, and as you go higher up the wall pick photos that show how much they’ve grown.

9. Hang your photos across the fireplace like stockings

Riffing on the Christmas theme: hang a line of string across the fireplace and then clothespin some family photos on it.

10.Paste your photos onto wood block cubes

This makes for a great conversational piece, because people have to pick it up with their hands and flip it around to view all the photos.

11.Frame your family photos with old pie tins

Reuse those old pie tins, or hunt down some fancy looking ones at a flea market. The visual effect really is quite cool.

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