A Portable DVD Player Can Help You Enjoy Those Long Vehicle Trips

How often have you had to take a long car trip, and your youngsters are in the back giving you difficulty? The reason your children are causing you stress is merely because they are bored and have nothing to do. When you have two or three kids in the backseat, this only servers to make you much more annoyed. Now when you’ve got one of those portable DVD players, you will recognize that your children will end up being a lot more silent. The Philips PET741B/37 Portable DVD Player with 7-Inch LCD is the player we will be looking at today and you will be pleased to know that it is less expensive than you might think.

By having a portable DVD player you will be able to bring it along with you everywhere to help keep individuals occupied. Of course, this is what makes this such a good option for men and women who take recurrent long trips in the car. Even though you can utilize the battery to watch movies with, this unit also comes with a automobile charger that you can use to power the product. This is fantastic because you will not have to worry about the battery dying and have your children start complaining because they have absolutely nothing to do again. Simply because this will work with each a cigarette lighter or even a power source plug in your car, your kids will always have something to keep them occupied.

Another thing worth pointing out is that using the extra cable that comes with the unit, you can use this to watch videos on a normal TV. Have you ever gone on vacation and you find yourself stuck in your hotel because it is raining the entire time? This unit will be able to keep your kids busy for hours on end, providing you remembered to pack enough movies. By applying this player along with the TV in the hotel, your children will not be bothering you continuously.

The battery itself is not the best on this device and after some time it does not take a full charge so it ultimately ends up dying in an hour or so. As a result this a poor choice if you want to take it on a outdoor camping trip or somewhere else where you will be unable to plug it in to a wall or a vehicle power source. However with that said, most people always have a place to plug it in at, so this will never be an concern.

One more thing you will find out is that compared to other models this is a whole lot cheaper. In truth you can save $20 if you opt to order this from Amazon, which means you will simply end up paying $69.72. You may also purchase the case for this unit from Amazon if you needed to grab that as well. In short this is a terrific unit to use in a car for those long trips, and you will wind up thanking yourself.


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