Air Travel Booking

The huge impact of internet is arguably, one of the most important things in modern age lifestyle and society. Be it social importance, educational information, travel or online shopping, internet has made life easier for most people. In the field of air travelling, the extensive usage of web services is considered as a boon for common people. Air ticket booking, checking of flight status, searching airlines and the aircraft they operate on several routes; everything is updated online. Travellers just have to know how to search for the options and the wide usage of such services. There are several aspects, which have made air travelling much convenient by the infusion of web usage.

Early Reservation Techniques

There was a time when travellers had to go the airport counters or outlets to book flight tickets. This meant that they had to stand in long queues and wait all day just to get a flight ticket. However, they would not get any option on their journey and were offered reservations on a first-cum-first-serve basis. At this time, the number of fliers were also less. With time and increasing number of airlines, more people started to opt for air travelling and it became tougher for airport authorities to maintain the increasing pressure. As an alternative, telephone booking of air tickets was started. Fliers could now call the airline officials and make their reservations over the phone. The problem of less option was still prevalent; travellers gave their starting and ending destinations and they were allotted the number of tickets they wanted subject to availability. They had no option to look for available flights and had to opt for whatever they were provided.

Era of Web

This is the time when internet made a foray in travelling; subsequently, most prominent airlines around the world started to develop their own web pages. As a result, all information regarding the carriers was accessible on these pages and people would be able to see everything about them online. This reduced heckles at the airport counters largely for obvious reasons; why go to the airport when everything can be known from the comfort of homes. Gradually, dedicated travel portals came into the picture, which combined all similar information on a single page. Fliers just had to enter their boarding and destination point and a detailed list of all flights including their airfare popped up. Now, people could make a choice according to their travel requirements. Ideally, the options on different routes were channelised; so was the passenger inflow. Most of the crowd and waiting problems were solved and both passengers and airlines were happy by the improvement. Payment was a factor that faced a few initial hiccups; however, this aspect was solved quickly. With credit and debit cards coming into the picture, travellers had no issue whatsoever in making transactions. Internet banking later came into the picture that further eased things out. Virtually, all the problems were efficiently dealt with and people started booking tickets after a thorough research on portals for the lowest air fare.

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