Be Prepared When You Are Going To Be Out In The Sun For A Long Time

Summer is the time for sports and fun. Just remember to be prepared if your going to be out in the sun for a long period of time. The first thing you should do is carry water and sport drinks with you. You should carry sun block and insect repellant with you. If your going swimming, check and make sure your sun block doesn’t wash off in the water. If your going for a walk in the woods wear sturdy shoes and long pants special if your in an area that harbors snakes.

If your driving a car, remember the heat inside a vehicle can become a lot hotter than outside the vehicle. Don’t leave children or animals inside your car while you stop to eat or shop. Also you need to pack drinks and food in ice because on a long trip the food could spoil, specially potato salad or anything prepared with eggs.

If your going to a sporting event, bring your own drinks and chairs. Remember even if your sitting the heat and humidity is still there. Drink plenty of water and apply your sun screen on all exposed areas. As you will be sitting still it will probably be a good ideal to wear a cap or hat.

If your going to just be out maybe walking your dog or working in our garden. You still need to drink plenty of liquids. Bring bottled water along and make sure to share with your pet. Take breaks from the heat. Find some shade while you drink your beverage.

If your going to be in the water remember that the sun will burn you worse if you are floating or swimming. So don’t stay in the water for long periods of time. Instead take short swims and get out of the water often. Reapply sun block as needed. You always heard not to swim right after you eat. Well you can take cramps if you go right into the cold water after you eat. Do not eat heavy out in the heat because it can make you sick if you eat a lot of heavy fatty foods.

Summer can be a time for fun but heat can give you headaches, upset stomachs and you can become weak from the heat. If you get to hot don’t guzzle cold water because this can make you so sick. You can even pass out from the heat if your out in it to long. If you feel like your going to pass out, find a place to sit down, in the shade if possible and put your head between your legs.

If possible don’t be out in the heat alone, in case you run into trouble. At least keep your cell phone on so friends and family can check on you. Hopefully you’ll do the things that will keep you safe for all you summer activities. Once again, carry fluids, sun block and bug spray. Watch for snakes and other creatures that are sharing your summer fun.

Be prepared and have a fun summer!