Experience Jerusalem In Depth Through Yoav Hasson Tours

The origin of the church is traced back to Israel back in the ancient years when the Lord Jesus ascended back into the heavens.  Jerusalem forms the backbone of the historical church, with major buildings mentioned in the scrolls and holy nooks standing as a testament to all this. The joy of coming into direct contact or touch with such is simply captivating. yoav hasson tours are specialized in the provision of these services. With the kind of people oriented staff who have the rare privilege of understanding the Hebrew language makes it even more fascinating, having the full assurance that nothing will be missed out on, since the guides are well able to accurately interpret, giving you the lifetime chance of experiencing the roots of Christianity all displayed on the exquisite mosaics. 

The mere thought of seeing the renowned Church of All Nations with the naked eyes, otherwise known as the Church or Basilica of the Agony is simply heavenly. The Roman Catholic Church stands in all its magnificent on the Mount of Olives, another religious destination every person would give their life to visit. Exciting enough is that the ancient church enshrines the segment of substratum where it is believed to be the place where Jesus prayed before his arrest. The city is simply full of historical churches where our tour crew will take you, going at your pace and preference. Not to forget the Russian Orthodox Church named after the famous follower of Christ Mary Magdalene, located also on the Mount of Olives.

This offers a very special atmosphere to the faithful who would love to come into contact with the spiritual realm or feel they have been deprived of ac quiet time. For us, your wish is our command. We offer to commit our time and even engage with you in prayers. For such a treat, find yoav hasson tours and experience heaven here on earth.