Family Pictures

Getting the family together for family pictures can be exciting for some, and for others a hassle that makes the experience not enjoyable. It can also be challenging to break out of the normal routine of poses, and props. For example many common poses will have all other subjects jumping up in the air or squeezing together for a family reunion picture. In many cases these pictures are just that, a photo that is not unique.

There are different poses and themes that can make family picture taking more enjoyable and create unique memories. One of the main ways this can be achieved is by having a photographer who thinks outside of the box, and is willing to try various locations. Although this may sound time consuming it can produce great results and ultimately a more unique picture. Here are some of the family themes that can change the way that you take a family picture:

  • Candid: Taking a candid shot of a family as if the photographer was peeking through the trees can show a different moments not usually captured. Clearly the family is still posing but the photographer may be taking a number of photos at a time to get just the right moment, and to actually give the viewer the illusion that they are not posing. This can be a great theme because it creates a different perspective. This can include pictures of the whole family having fun doing an activity together or in a setting where they are enjoying each other’s company.
  • Kissing: It might be fun especially with a younger family to have the parents kiss while the younger kids look up or laugh at the situation. Although this would clearly be a pose it shows all of those involved in the picture in a different situation. This can also promote affection and love within the family which can be a positive image to be portrayed.
  • Landscape: Picking a beautiful landscape can be a great backdrop for a family picture. There can be many variations from bright colors from flowers and sunlight to more muted colors of greens and trees. This type of picture can also give the photographer more freedom with composition or the way the subjects are placed. When nature is involved you can make those in the picture become part of the natural setting. Using the landscape as a template can create a strong theme for anytime of the year.
  • Events: Part of taking family pictures can also be centered on special events like weddings and graduations. This can be a great theme to capture milestones in family member’s lives which can continue depending on the events. This can also include small moments that may only include one or two members of the family rather than the whole crew. The theme could even have a collection that could include the whole family in one picture, then another for the main event. This can really encourage the theme aspect of the collection.

Remember to visit your local printing company to print your family photos to ensure that you have quality prints to send out to family or to simply keep as a physical backup.