Hotels Are Better with Friends

The bustle of daily life keeps everyone busy, so much so that people forget to take time to reconnect with friends and revive the precious relationships that are so treasured. It’s hard for anyone to take a break from the demands they have, but visiting someplace like the Bricktown Hotel with your friends might be just what you need to get away and reconnect with those people who are most important to you.

Why You have Such Great Friends

Getting away for any period of time is always a lot of fun. Leaving work behind, having no children to take care of (not that there’s anything wrong with taking care of children) and so many great things to do and share is wonderful; the experience is twice as much fun when you spend it with good friends. Having a “Mom’s Week-Off” or a “Guy’s Getaway” allows everyone to create new memories that come from doing activities, outings, and excursions with great friends, just like the activities, outings, and excursions that created those great friendships in the first place.

So Many Things, So Little Time

Remember that night you stayed out late shopping for that new dress with your best friend? Or maybe it was that awesome basketball game you saw with the guys. Maybe it was that play you went to, or that truck show that you’ll always remember. Whether it was a convention or just exploring the museums in the area, you all remember it because you were there with friends. Some days, everything you needed was right there at the hotel; you enjoyed catching up without any interruptions or distractions. There was nowhere you had to be and no one you had to worry about. You could just enjoy the moment by talking or sitting by the pool, just relaxing and sharing time–all of the things that made you great friends in the first place. But what keeps those friendships fun is not just doing what you have done in the past but trying something new. Trying new things together will build those friendships all over again. Maybe you could go to a show together; have you wondered if you all like amusement parks? Could you discover that you have a love of art that you never knew you had before? Whether it’s a boat show or a crafts shop, it only takes time and friends to discover it.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you haven’t seen your high school buddies in a while, or your dear friend from back home has been running herself raw since you can last remember, you could do everyone a favor and get away for a while. Someplace like the Bricktown Hotel could be just the trip you need. Plan to be away so that the worries will not intrude and you can truly relax, take in the time together, and enjoy one more moment of fun and excitement in just being together for a time, because those moments are never as often as we like, and they only come when we make them happen.