How To Develop a Personal Photography Style

Getting your own style and developing as an artist is what all photographers strive to do. Developing your personal style often starts with imitation. Getting a good idea of styles that you like or appreciate will help you find the right equipment and help you styling your photo shoots.

Next, as you work to understand your style and subject, your personal style will emerge. You will find the style based on the genre changes your subject matter dictates what your set up requires. Staging your scenes or helping poses an individual takes time, requires know how, and eventually will emerge as a skill. During this time, you will be working to understand your persona style, working to mimic others that you have seen, and ultimately creating beautiful work.

Your subjects also will be a big part of style determination. Having a live subject vs. a still life work of art to capture will require a different set of skill. Learning the craft of each of these requires time and photographers are not universally able to move between mediums. So much goes behind the development of photos; styling, lighting, set up, and timing. Getting every element right will be skill that you learn helping you progress in your career and eventually gain a style.

Series Photography

One of the best ways to develop your style and determine your preferences in photography are series photographs. Having a series of photos to review and edit will do a lot in pushing you towards a certain style. Especially in your editing process, you will find that you are drawn to certain types of photography, filters, or editing techniques.

Many photographers will find that as they explore a series of photos that lighting was altered, but in this they find what was appealing of one over the other. This is similar to comparing apples to apples or oranges to oranges. Essentially you develop a taste and learn to replicate styles by looking through the lens rather than having to digitally edit and create this after the fact.

However, after effects prove to be essential to enhancing the beauty of a photo. Don’t believe it? Look at the printing jobs. Taking your digital proof and turning it into a physical copy changes a lot about the photo. That is why it is important to find quality printing in Billings. This ensures that the color balance and ink saturation levels do not distort or darken your photo.

Developing Style Over Time

Overtime you will find that your style as a photographer emerges and changes. Nothing is stable and just as in fashion styles change. One day you will prefer a certain type of lighting and backdrop, but that might change over night. Finding a style and a rhythm to work in will be important. However, don’t feel like you are stuck in a rut. Being able to develop your skills to the point of replicating multiple styles will make you valuable. A wide variety in your portfolio will help you book more jobs being able to provide insight and editing will keep the gigs coming. Remember to work at creating your style and work to keep it up to date.