Indoor Family Photos

Taking pictures indoors probably seems a lot easier than taking them outside, right? You generally have softer, more diffuse light that’s easier to work with, and you can get a lot of really good candid images of people. People feel comfortable indoors, and that feeling can usually come through in their photos. When you go around to printing companies in Matthews, you will probably see a lot of different styles of indoor photography, including candids and studio prints. Some printing services around Matthews can give particular advice to a photographer for this style, but just remember something. They’re there to take care of your printing in Matthews. They can’t take your pictures for you. Therefore, here are a few pieces of advice for when you’re taking indoor photos.

Windows can be friends, but don’t get too friendly

Depending on what kind of photos you want to take, windows and natural light can look fantastic. But unfortunately, the light can be a little harsh. So unless you want to take a photo of a person’s silhouette, you aren’t going to want to put the subject between the camera and light source. Similarly, if you let your subject sit full in the sunlight through the window, the colors are going to look washed out. Both of these examples can be good for an effect, but you shouldn’t fill up a memory card with just silhouettes. Instead, use the existing light in several different ways so you can get the most mileage out of what you’ve got.

Control your light sources

This brings up one of the most basic fundamentals of good photography: white balance. When dealing with both natural and artificial light, it can be next to impossible to properly white balance a photo. It’s still possible, but you’re going to need to spend a lot of time doing it, and it’s going to be different wherever that natural or artificial light is stronger. Therefore, it’s best to control not just where your light sources are in relation to your subject, but also to control what kind of light you have. Do you want a softer natural light or a warm artificial light? This will depend on the kind of photo you want to take, but it’s entirely up to you.

Keep away from busy backgrounds

If you’re taking photos indoors, your backgrounds are going to have a huge bearing on how your pictures turn out. If you’re taking a picture against a brick wall, it might not look as good as if you’re using a plain-colored wall. Solid colors let the subject stand out from the background and create an interesting contrast in the way they stand, whereas a busy background doesn’t give that flexibility. Be sure your subjects are against a background that’s complementary to what you’re trying to achieve.

You’ll probably hear people at printing services in Matthews tell you that light is the key to making good photos. It’s true, but a lot of people at those printing companies in Matthews might not be very good at explaining what they mean. Just remember these three foregoing items, and you’ll be surprised just how impressed people are when you go do your printing in Matthews.