Jerusalem-The City Of Religious History

Countless believers drawn from the different faiths relate and trace their religious beliefs and homelands to Jerusalem. A visit to sites that speak the depth of faith or religious beliefs and values such as the Garden of Gethsemane, the Stations of the Cross and the travels of Muhammad could play a major role in communicating the sense of faith whilst creating a better understanding through practical experience unto these people.  It has been proven that a large number of those who make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem never go back the same. The transformation is so evident that it can be seen and felt literally and physically.  The fact that they come into direct contact with the religious centers and places that inform the basis of their faiths leads to a stronger grip on the values that build their faith. We as yoav hasson tours glory in the strengthening of our clients. Their well being is our success and we respect all faiths, regardless of our stand in matters of faith, hence according every individual all the help and cooperation they would require.

We take no sides in matters of religion, but accommodate each and every one equally and with equal treatment. Our staff is interdenominational and hence should a client need help in whichever religious ceremony they might want to perform there is always someone in the crew to chip in and help.

yoav hasson tours remains a brand internationally for successful and exciting tours across Israel now for years. Many clients have written back to testify of how the tours have been transformational while others have made more trips again and referred more clients to us. We insist on giving you value for your money and make your journey a very memorable and dearly treasured one. We always deliver on our promise, so try us today for a testimonial tomorrow.