Jerusalem Tours – Magical Stones And Soil That Create History

The thought of a tour to a completely new destination is as exciting as receiving a newly born baby for a first time mother.  Normally, the journey and preparations done to welcome it are normally memorable to every bit. It is the very intention of each parent to participate without missing out on such an auspicious moment. This is the exact feeling one experiences upon setting foot in Jerusalem, courtesy of yoav hasson tours. We strive to create the best memories for you. Right from the onset of the journey to the very breathtaking walks through the land as you travel and see with naked eyes all the places read or heard of in the holy books. As if that is not enough, our cordial and highly informed and professional staff are by your side to provide all the information you need as well as answer your questions besides leading you through the journey.

The historical sites in Jerusalem remain as one the oldest  such as the Old City of Jerusalem. Although the city in present day now rests within the modern Jerusalem, the story clearly depicts a heavily fortifies city with amazingly strong walls. This part of the city hosts quite a bunch of the key religious sites, including al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Western Wall, otherwise known as the known as Wailing Wall, which is always the dream of every pilgrimage to behold, following its historical view as the most holy place for prayer by the Jews. Mount of Olives is another exciting palce to visit, having been revered and honoured as the place where Jesus ascended into the heavens is encompassed by olive groves and a mounting ridge. It remains since the days of ancient a place of worship for the christians and a key pilgrimage fordifferent faithfuls across the world.

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