Keeping Your Photos Organized

There have been many wonderful advances in the world of photography over the past several years. Most notably, the advancement of digital photography has been rapid and important to society at large. We’ve seen digital cameras advance in terms of both quality and wide availability as prices have decreased. And, of course, we have seen the incredible feat of making digital cameras available on the phones we can’t seem to live without and carry everywhere with us. Whether we take photos primarily with our phones, or with our digital SLR’s, the result of the wide availability and use of smart phones has caused a bit of a problem in terms of organizing the photos we upload to our computer hard drives. Here are a few tips to consider that my help you better keep track of the massive amount of files you end up accumulating.

Getting Them Off Of Your Camera

Whether they are photos from your smart phone or other type of digital camera, importing the files from your device to your computer hard drive is an important first step to take. First of all, you want to make sure you get them off your device to free up storage to make room to take more photos in the future. You also want to get them to a safer place, which is typically a computer hard drive rather than a device you carry around with you all of the time that can potentially be misplaced.

Name The Files

In terms of organizing your photos, this is a step that can easily be missed but is critical to help you locate images in the future. You can come up with a system that works for you, but naming the subject and potentially the occasion are a good start. As you develop a naming procedure that works for you, you will start finding it easier to locate the images and won’t mind the extra time it may take to add the file names.

Choosing A Photo Organization Application

There are many programs available on a multitude of platforms that can help you to organize your photographs for future use. It is really a matter of personal preference more than anything, so try a few programs out to get a feel for them and how they might benefit you. With any program, they are only as good as you make them.

Back Up

Perhaps the most important thing you can do with your images is back them up. You want to make sure that the precious photos that contain special memories do not ever get lost. Using an external hard drive can be a good idea, but there are also some affordable and effective cloud-based storage services as well, that could protect your files from disasters in your home.

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