Photoshop Engagement Photo Ideas

If the traditional lovey-dovey engagement photo thing is just not your thing, why not try something a little different?

Rather than paying for an expensive photographer to come take engagement photos that look like every other engagement photo out there, just put your point and shoot and photo-shop skills to good use and create some truly unique and fun engagement pics!

Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


One of the best sources to utilize is the movies: movie photos, movie posters, movie covers whatever. You can easily photo-shop yourself into these classic and timeless images that everyone is familiar with. And depending on the movie you select, you instantly instill in your photo action, romance, magic, mystery, or whatever other emotions that are tied to that film.

Take these for example:

  • Get all wet and photo-shop yourself into the cover of The Notebook. If that doesn’t say romance, what does?
  • If water isn’t your thin, how about some wind? Face a fan, spread your arms and recreate the scene from Titanic.
  • Or, if you’re a little sassier than that, dress up in a tux and black dress and recreate Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It’s simple, easy to duplicate, and super sexy!
  • You could go for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, Wesley and Buttercup, Katniss and Peta, Princess Leia and Han Solo, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, or Romeo and Juliet (but preferably with a happier ending).

Just choose a power couple you love, identify with, admire, or just like and re-create their classic love scene or movie poster. And if you decide to make it actually look like a movie poster, consider tweaking the title (like from “The Notebook” to “The Invitation”) and then swap out the real actors’ names for yours!

Mother Nature

Or for another type of photo-shop wonder, place yourself in some of Mother Nature’s most grand scenery. You may not have the money to fly to the North Pole and take sunset photo in a beautiful, sparkling, natural ice kingdom, but you can sure photo-shop yourself into one!

Place yourself in glowing fields of grain, on a green Scottish cliff, in a jungle paradise, or on a sunset beach. You can even put yourself on Mars. The Hubble telescope is your limit!

Famous Places/Famous People

Why not rub shoulders with movie stars or sports stars. Photoshop yourself onto the Oscar’s red carpet, the Oval Office, the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium, or wherever you want to be. Even jump back in time to hang out with the likes of Carry Grant, Audrey Hepburn, or Gandhi. Whatever floats your boat.

With the right picture and some good photo-shopping skills, you may actually convince half your guests that you really did propose on the Red Carpet next to Leo Dicaprio and Sandra Bullock.

Professional Printing

Once you’ve got your amazing photos prepared, make sure you do them justice by printing them professionally at one of the printing companies in Dallas. With such fine prints, no one can blame you for breaking with tradition and creating your very own, unique engagements.