Prevent Theft of Your Luggage

How many times have people told stories about being robbed when they were travelling? How many theft stories are told of the person being unaware of what is being taken until much later? Travelling has become something of a nightmare because of all these stories and it makes it harder for a person to stay relaxed and easy when going for a vacation. It becomes stressful and distracts the person, ironically, making them an easy target for people looking to steal something off them.

There is always someone who knows someone who had their belongings stolen at the airport. The stories they tell will always prevent you from fully enjoying the travel experience.

There are a few methods that prevent theft of your property. Some of them are easy to accomplish and are done with the easiest of ways.

Put Everything in One Place

Make sure that everything you need, all the irreplaceable items you have, are put in one place. It will add to the safety of the items and make sure that you have everything you need right before you. Do not lose sight of this bag and make sure that you know exactly what is inside. Sometimes, placing them in a clear bag will also let you know the minute something is missing after coming back from security.

Be Loud

Make it clear to everyone that you know what you have and where. If a bag contains your identification, passport, cash, make it clear to everyone that you are aware of what is inside and will know if it vanishes. Thieves are less likely to target someone when they are protective and loud about their luggage.


Make sure that you do not get distracted by protecting something that cannot be easily replaced. Toothbrushes, socks, sun glasses, reading glasses are all examples of things that you can afford to be a little less cautious about. They are available everywhere and losing them will not cause you as much harm as losing or having something important stolen. Do not spent time protecting these and getting distracted enough that someone steals what is more important to you.

Bags within Bags

Often, people tend to take the most space on overhead bins when they board a plane. Those who get there early have a large choice of where to put what item. Those who are late to have their bags checked to see if there is space in for your coats and what not.

Keeping a smaller bag inside will make sure that you have everything important safely tucked away in case you are asked to open it and have it checked for space. This will also make sure that everything essential is placed in one place and makes it harder for anyone looking for a quick steal to take your belongings from you.

After all this, the exhaustion of a passenger is clear. Once you are free from the airport, all you want to do is run to the nearest hotel and collapse. However, it will be easier, more private and personal to book a welcoming apartment, like Edinburgh apartments and rent it for the remainder of your stay. It will give you the peace and solace you need after a hectic flight and too many related encounters about airport theft and security.