Summer Family Photo Ideas

Getting the family rounded up for photos to document your growth is difficult. Finding the right time is difficult; trying to get everyone together is tricky. One of the best times to take photos is in the summer, during a family reunion. Because everyone is rounded up and looking healthy and tan this is one of the best times to do it.

Now setting everything up to take photos is tricky. Always consider if hiring a professional photographer is an option. Because there are so many moving pieces, you should consider having someone help you. Wiggling bodies, blowing hair, and the people that blink make it difficult to get that perfect shot. Unless you a professional with Photoshop, make sure someone can see what photos are turning out to look like.

Tips for Photo Taking

General photo taking follows a few basic principles; here are a few helpful suggestions:

  1. Choose your location and then scout for the best lighting. If you are selecting an area that is prone to shadows in the evening, then consider sun up. Scouting out your area is crucial, even if you are taking photos indoors.
  2. Time and schedules factor into things as well. Again, if this is a large family photo consider the little bodies that may be gracing your photos. Naptime is sacred time for mommies and their little ones; so make sure to work around their schedules. Take all photos with kids first, grownups can usually handle sitting for photos longer if you are going to do adult shots.
  3. Decide if you are going to work with or against the weather. If you are set on a certain type of shot, weather can affect you. Don’t let this ruin your day, don’t be afraid to reschedule the photo session. Most photographers will help you work around bad weather. If you are willing to work with the weather, then just embrace the change in weather with modifications to clothing and hair. Or just switch up the venue.

Summer time can create some unique situations like a lot of sweaty foreheads, for this reason we suggest taking photos at the start or end of the day. This minimizes extremes in temperatures allowing you to better capture everyone at their best. A photographer can also be on the look out for uneven spacing or flyaway hair. It is so much easier to trust someone to watch the photos unfold behind the lens instead of holding a remote.

Photo Collage Ideas

Now that you have your perfect photos all done, you can order tem. Most of your professional photographers will turn over digital copies for you to take for outsourced printing in Bridgewater. After this, you can decorate your walls with photos or send it out as the family Christmas card. Or to do something fun compile an album- because you have a lot of pictures to chose from and maybe some bloopers too this makes a great gift for the ones you love the most.