Taking Family Photos While Traveling

Going on a family vacation is all about building memories to last because for heaven’s sake traveling with kids is anything but relaxing! But it’s great to get out, have some fun and adventure, and let your kids discover the world.

And of course, you don’t want them to EVER forget, so pictures and lots of them must be taken! But how do you come up with pictures that actually preserve the special moments, not just those that boringly track your progression from one landmark to another?

Well, here are a few tips we dug up, just for you!


Most of the time, candid photos end up being the ones most cherished. So don’t burst a vein if your kids refuse to stand in line and smile prettily at the camera. If you can get them to do that, great but don’t worry too much if they won’t.

Instead, encourage discovery and playfulness. Get your camera out to capture their reactions to new and exciting things, even if it is just them finding a cool looking rock while wandering the woods in Yellowstone.

These photos should not be restricted to “new places only” either. Capture your kids sleeping in the car, playing in the hotel room, or eating dinner at an out-of-the -way diner. Whenever you or your kids are happy that’s a photo that won’t disappoint.

Photo Games

Another great way to come up with fun, memorable photos and keep your kids entertained is by playing photo games. For instance, you can be on the constant search for funny restaurant names or billboards. Jump out of the car every time you see one and snap a quick photo.

Or if your kids keep asking “are we there yet?” make them get out of the car on the highway (but only if it’s safe, of course) and take pictures of your cranky kids standing by the “239 miles to (destination).” At least you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

Disposable Cameras

If your kids are young, give each of them their very own disposable camera. Let them take their own pictures of things they think are interesting. You’ll probably end up with a bunch of photos of the ground, bugs, ice cream, the back of your head, and siblings’ noses but at least you’ll have something to laugh about when they are older.

Show And Tell

As I’m sure you know, kids (especially younger ones) love discovering new things and showing them to you. Make sure you capture these moments because those are the things your kids truly enjoy.

Just think back on your childhood vacations. What do you remember most fondly? Was it the actual Statue of Liberty, or drunken seagull that followed you there? Was it the Space Needle or the street performers at the base of it? Was it the Yellowstone geysers or the amazing tire swing at the cabin you stayed at?

Capture the moments that truly matter and get the best of them professionally printed at one of the printing companies in West Palm Beach. If you do, you’ll be able to treasure these moments forever!