The Different Styles of Photography

Photography has evolved immensely over the years, and what started as something that was only reserved for professionals and artists, has become a fun, interesting and enriching hobby for many. With the wide availability of cameras and camera equipment coupled with the lower costs of owning and operating them, the popularity of photography has spread. There are a variety of photographic styles, giving opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike to express themselves. Each of these different styles requires a different treatment and process to produce high-quality photos that showcase the photographer’s creativity and personality. Below is a look at a few different styles of photography.

Event Photography

We have probably all been in this situation, trying to take photographs of an event where the subjects are moving around in different directions or at different speeds. One of the most commonly photographed types of event is sporting events. This can be difficult to shoot, as it requires a great deal of timing and really knowing how to operate your camera in terms of shutter speed, etc. Photographing events requires attentiveness, as you will want to be ready to capture important moments as they happen. Location is also key, as you will want to be in a position to see the maximum amount of action and provide viewers with a good perspective of the event.

Landscape Photography

Excellent landscape photography is truly an art form. It takes an excellent creative eye, and a lot of patience to be a good landscape photographer. With landscape photography, the key components are location and light. Many landscape photographers spend a great deal of time scouting locations that will be conducive to capturing what they envision. Finding the perfect position is critical, as it will set the table for the basic canvas of the shot. Next is light. Using natural light requires a great deal of timing, making sure you are ready to shoot when the sun is just right. Natural light landscape photography can be incredibly beautiful, uplifting and inspiring.

Wildlife Photography

Capturing beautiful wildlife with high-quality photographs can be an extremely difficult proposition. Like most styles of photography, it requires a lot of preparation. Knowing where the wildlife you want to photograph is at different times of the day can help you know where to position yourself and help you understand how the light will be. When done well, wildlife photography can be a fantastic way to celebrate wildlife as they live in their natural environments. Unlike with people, it’s impossible to get cooperation from animals, so that is why positioning and preparation are so vital. Playing with different lenses can help you understand which will be best for your particular wildlife shoot. Again, understanding your camera and how it works will be key so you can adjust settings as needed.

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