The Quest for the Ultimate Umbrella

Umbrellas have become a largely underrated invention over the years. There was a time when people sporting such implements when out and about were viewed with much respect and admiration, as umbrellas were once considered to be indicative of one’s high status in the societal hierarchy. There was also a time when only the affluent people used such accessories because they were simply too costly for the masses.

But nowadays, people no longer think much of the umbrella because it has become so much a part of our daily lives. This is particularly true in rainy places like Denmark, were it is common for people to bring umbrellas when going out even if there is not a single cloud in the sky, because rains can come all of a sudden and without much warning.

Because of the lack of thought regarding umbrellas, most people find themselves just buying ordinary products, usually preferring the ones with the cheaper price tags, since all of them seem to serve the same purpose anyway, which is to shield an individual from the rain. But is that really the case? Are all umbrellas really the same? Not really. They may share the same basic design, which has not been changed much since the original umbrella was invented hundreds of years ago, but there are a lot of factors that differentiate certain umbrellas from others.

Take Kingbo’s giant bryllups paraply, for instance. At first glance, it may look no different from any other umbrella out there. But when someone opens up a Kingbo golf umbrella outside where everyone else is carrying a regular kind of umbrella, it is easily to discern the huge disparity in size. The giant golf umbrella that you can get from Kingbo has an immense canopy, measuring 180 centimeters across. This makes it gigantic compared to the typical 100 or 120 centimeter diameter of most ordinary umbrellas. The only drawback is that it might be too big for a child or a small adult to carry but for majority of the population, this umbrella is indeed ideal for guaranteeing that you and your companions stay dry under the pouring rain.

One may argue that big umbrellas are not new. It’s true, there have been a few big umbrellas in the past but many of these come with a number of issues that make them quite impractical to use. Because of the size of their canopy, these gigantic umbrellas can be more prone to becoming upturned in the wind. Kingbo’s golf umbrella minimizes this risk because of the strong fiberglass ribs used. The shaft is also made of light but sturdy fiberglass, so even though the umbrella is huge, it is not necessarily too heavy for the average individual. As a matter of fact, it only weighs a little more than a kilogram, which is not bad at all considering its size and the protection it offers.

Admittedly, bigger umbrellas are slightly more expensive than the typical ones that people carry around all the time. So why should you even consider spending extra money on these big umbrellas? There are several reasons, and better protection is at the top of the list. Why would you want to go out with a small, inferior umbrella when it will let you get wet at the slightest wind change? Smaller umbrellas are also more likely to fold up in the wind while you are outside, drenching you entirely in the rain. If you have kids or frequently walk with friends, having a single large umbrella for all of you is definitely more practical than if each of you carried your own small umbrella, which actualy increases your chances of getting wet because of the dripping water off the edges of each umbrella.

So if you want something practical that will surely keep you and your companions dry, getting a giant golf umbrella from Kingbo is definitely one of the best decisions you can make.