Top 6 Islands That You Should Visit In Your Lifetime

Islands are the best vacation getaways. They are tropical paradises that you can actually visit within your lifetime. Some of these islands are secluded while some are already developed. Whatever your fancy is you will find great time spending your vacation on some of the best islands that our planet can offer. Here are the top island destinations that you can consider for your next vacation. What a way to bust those feelings of anxiety and stress that has been pent up inside you for the longest time.


Situated in South Asia bordered by Sri Lanka is the beautiful Maldives. It is a tropical paradise that has been attracting a lot of tourists every year. The development of the islands has driven tourists in droves in past years. The beaches in the islands all over the country are lined with white sand and clear water perfect for that casual dive or snorkeling. Maldives also have a lot of coral islands that you can go and visit. The Maaya Thila is one of the best dive spots that you can do both daytime and nighttime dives. The coral reef features a treasure trove of fish species which will put the islands in your bucket list.

Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island is not your typical island since it is more exotic than your average vacation spot. The island is home for at least 150 fish species and boasts of spectacular underwater scenery that can match the most beautiful in the world. Mnemba hosts a wide range of flora and fauna that will leave you dazzled. Lie down on the stretch of white sands beaches and see how your worries melt away. It is a perfect getaway for people wanting to stay away for a brief moment from the busy schedules and get mesmerized by the sound of the waves hugging the shore.


Tahiti is a gorgeous chain of islands located in the French Polynesia. The climate is perfect for people that are looking to escape the frigid weather in North America and Europe. You can advance your summer plans during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere as the summer season is from November until April. If you want to have slightly chilly atmosphere and take advantage of the off-season rates you can visit the islands from May to October which is winter season in the islands.


Cebu is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Cebu is the lovechild of rural ambience and urban setting. There are several dive spots that you can enjoy in this island located in Central Philippines. Whale watching is a popular tourist attraction especially down south of the island. Cebu is particularly abuzz during January as it celebrates the feast of its patron the image of the Child Jesus. It is a colorful merrymaking along the streets of Cebu.


Fiji is located in Melanisia in the South Pacific is perhaps one of the most volcanic tourist spots in the planet. It has a rich tropical landscape that is lined with tropical rainforests and with miles of white sand beaches. The activity that you can do in Fiji includes snorkeling, scuba diving and boating among others. The warm climate is perfect for weary travelers wanting to escape the wicked winter weather. It is bound to give a lot of fun for kids from eight to seventy-eight.

Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is the best example of great things comes in small packages. Koh Lipe is Thailand’s smallest island but its position makes it one of a kind. It is secluded which makes it perfect getaway from the buzz of city life and the feeling of anxiety symptoms that you suffer when you are back home. The lack of development makes it unique especially to tourists that want to feel like they are competing in TV’s Survivor.

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