Top Sites In Jerusalem You Shouldn’t Miss

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world.  It is a significant city for all Christians and even non-Christians around the world.  Thus, each year millions of tourists visit the place annually.  Because the place is historical, it has many interesting places to visit.  In fact, a whole week is not enough to visit all of these sites and appreciate all the sights and sounds that you want to experience.  Given that travel agencies like Yoav Hasson Jerusalem Tours provides at least 3 days tours (you can arrange for longer period though), what should be the top sites to visit in this city?

On top of the list is the Temple of The Mount.  This place is not only important to Jews and Christians but also to believers of Islam. Muslims believed that it was in this city that the prophet Mohammad ascended into heaven.  For Christian, Jews, this is the site where Isaac was offered to God and the Ark of the Covenant was made.  Next on the list, is the Wailing Wall known as the holiest city among believers of Judaism and a place for pilgrimage for Jewish people.  There are also several synagogues in this place to visit.  For the Christian believers, the Holy Sepulchre Church is a must visit.  This spot was proclaimed by the mother of Constantine the Great as the Calvary, the place where the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place.  The Way of Sorrow or Via Dolorosa should not be excluded from the list as this is the supposed route Jesus Christ took after he was condemned to death and was crucified. 

If you can extend your trip with the help of Yoav Hasson Jerusalem Tours, other interesting places to visit are Mount Olives, Tower of David, the Muslim Quarter, and the Christian Quarter.