Touring Jerusalem – The city of God

Jerusalem is also known as the City of God. Going to Jerusalem is often considered as a dream-come-true for several people. It is often seen that people who could not afford such a trip, save their money for years to make such a holy trip once in their life time. Therefore, it is always extremely important to choose your tour operator wisely for such a trip, so that you can be sure that not even a single penny of your hard earned money is wasted. For example, yoavhasson tours is one of the best options available for such a holy trip because they have vast experience in conducting such tours and are well aware of how to handle things on a holy trip.

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons, apart from the culture and history of the place, why people visit Jerusalem is due to the religious importance of this amazing city. It is often seen that people, even if they are not Christians, are engrossed by the fact that how biblical stories would have been played out here. In fact, a lot of Old Testament history has been occurred in Jerusalem. For example, Jesus of Nazareth visited Jerusalem and preached the people here. Not only that, people can also visit Golgotha here, where Jesus was believed to be crucified. It is just a short walk from the Old City.

Whether you are a Christian or not, going to Jerusalem is like revisiting the past, to a day when we used donkeys and camels as our main means of transportation when life was much simpler. At that time, families and religions more valued than today. Marketplaces were on the streets and fishing was done in the Galilee Sea. There is no doubt that it’s really fascinating to both young and old people to walk the places where men from the holy Bible once walked. So, why wait?  Let yoavhasson tours take you back in time next holidays.