Touring the holy city Jerusalem with Yoav hasson tours

Jerusalem is a holy place for many religions for different reasons. Therefore depending upon the religion you belong to Jerusalem tours are often categorized as Jewish tours, Christian tours and Islamic tours. Having an experienced tour operator to help you to visit this holy land will certainly make your trip more interesting. Let me remind you that yoav hasson tours are one of the options you can trust regarding this.


If we give it a little thought, we will surely be fascinated to see how this single city named Jerusalem has become holy not for one, but for three main religions at the same time. Let us get in to the details of this fact. As for the Jews, Temple Mount and Wailing Wall are among the most sacred site for them. In fact, Temple Mount is a sacred place for the Islam too. Other places in Jerusalem which are considered as sacred ones by the Islam include the Al-Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock. As for Christians, Tomb of Virgin Mary, the Last Supper Room and Church of the Holy Sepulcher are considered holy and sacred. Another place considered holy by both Islam and Christians is the Chapel of the Ascension.

Apart from its religious importance, Jerusalem is also a place which will be loved by people who is interested in the history and culture of the place also as it is having many stories to tell. Some of the historic places worth seeing, while you are on a Jerusalem tour conducted by an experienced tour operator like yoav hasson tours are Distant Mosque, Genesis Land, Garden Tomb, Garden of Gethsemane, Italian Synagogue, Mount of Olives, Jewish Cemetery and St. George’s Monastery. In short, Jerusalem is not only a holy place for various religions but also have its own historical significance.