Using Your Smartphone As A Camera

The modern conveniences we enjoy today seem miraculous compared to even 20 years ago. One of these conveniences is having a camera on our phones that we can carry with us everywhere we go. This is a fantastic tool that allows people to capture all kinds of moments without having to pre-plan and bring their camera with them. It has really revolutionized how we capture the special occasions of life. However, most people that have smartphones aren’t getting as much out of their cameras as they could be. There are some tips to take into account that can really help you take fantastic quality photos with your smart phone.

Avoid The Zoom

Although the quality of smart phone cameras keeps advancing on a constant basis, they still very much lack in terms of the zoom functionality. If you notice on your smart phone, as you begin to zoom, you can see the quality loss almost instantly. When using a zoom on a smartphone camera, the end result is typically a very pixelated photo that really wouldn’t be worthy of printing. That’s why it is better to position yourself well, take the photo without zooming, then cropping as necessary.

There Is An App For That

Did you know that you could get an upgrade on your standard camera application that came with your phone? There are a few third-party applications that are a major upgrade from the stock camera application in terms of providing you with more control. It is worth the time to research a few different options and find the right app to help you better capture high-quality shots that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

No Flash

In theory, you would use the flash functionality with your smart phone camera as the situation dictates. However, the flash on a smart phone is typically pretty poor in terms of performance. It is often better to seek out another light source rather than using your flash if you want photos that will come out in higher quality and will be able to be manipulated in the future.

Don’t Fall Into The Filter Trend

All the rage nowadays is to use filters from various applications. The problem with this is that the uniqueness of photos is thinning out because there are so many people using the same exact filters for their images. Using editing software will allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your images. This process can really enhance your special photographs and help you to memorialize the special events for you and your family. Programs like Photoshop and iPhoto can be wonderful tools for adjusting the look of your photographs.

As you follow these tips, you can produce photos from your smart phone that are print quality. At AlphaGraphics in Carrollton, we offer a wide range of printing services including printing photographs in either large or small formats. Unlike other printing companies, we can also help with design services. Call us today!