View The Wonders Of Ancient World At The Jerusalem Museum

The best way of reconstructing the historical existence of a place is through archiving it in the museums.  They also are one of the best ways of gaining lots of knowledge in varied aspects of history all in one place. Meseums form the basic elements that cover the city of Jerusalem. Through the 5000 years, lots of history have been created  and now is displayed in the different museums  strategically located in the city. On yoav hasson tours, this is what we do best. We take you to the best and your desired destinations for sight seeing and  touring. Always bringing you close to all the wonders  of Jerusalem you probably have only fantasized, read about or just heard from other people. Our mandate is to make it happen for you.

Israel Museum, founded in 1965, represents the country’s national museum and is one of the most visited museums of the country.  Having analysed  the contents here, which range from prehistory to the present day in its Archeology, Fine Arts, Jewish arts and Life Wings, our tour guides have wide knowledge and first hand experience to take you round in the most enlightening and exciting  journey of your life. Besides the museums there are fascinating aspects of the biblical history of Jerusalem or in paintings of Anna Ticho, which could be either Islamic Art or science and technology. It is a journey that missing out on would be indeed a shame.  We have amazing Easter discounts just around the corner. Hurry up and secure yourself a chance to be part of this exhilarating lifetime opportunity.

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