Yoav Hasson, Your Reliable Taxi Service Provider

The use of taxicabs date to years back when they first were introduced in the form of  horse drawn carriages in the 17th century.  With the invention of the automobile later in the 19th century, the modern taxi services came into being.  Just like humanity has continued to evolve over time, so has the automotive industry. yoav hasson taxi, being driven by the deisre to offer best services after a series of public outcry on the service providers who initially dominated the industry, offering  a third class sort of services yet charging a fortune for them.

Taxi as we know them may come in a variety of forms and types as well. We ensure that the taxi service we offer is customized to suit the needs of our client. For example, if a client uses a wheelchair, we are kind enough to provide an SUV at the most affordable rates with free of charge meet and assist services. Destinations vary and so does the mode of taxi. Needless to say, there is no excuse whatsoever as to why one would silently suffer, being oppressed and overcharged for substandard services yet they are eligible for the best at the lowest possible rates. Our professionally trained staff is always kind and courteous, always smiling and ensuring that the comfort of our clients is not at all compromised for anything. We are the masters of assimilation and evolution as well. In whatever part of the world we are located, we instantly adjust to their primary mode of transport and provide the best version of it.

We, at yoav hasson taxi, make it a deliberate goal as staff in our bid to see to it that the client is taken on a comfortable ride to their destination.  Our availability is never questioned. We literally are littered all over to ride you depending on your preference, whether singularly or in the company of friends. That is how flexible and fun it gets.